SureFire/Standhaft SHEPHERDS

SureFire Dancing Destiny

 OFA Good H/E, Penn Hip 60th percentile - Cream sable Longcoat  - 24" 80-85 lbs - Stocky build

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January of 2007

Destiny is a longcoat cream sable female who is pictured here at 18 months and again at 6.5 years of age. Destiny carries the white gene and will produce white if bred to a white or white carrier. Destiny was our pick of litter from the year 2000 Meko x Kiev breeding.  She is a spunky girl with lots of play drive and gets along well with other dogs and is a lot of fun.  

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 Destiny x Zorro 2002 Spring Litter      Destiny x Zorro Christmas  litter        Destiny x Kaiser 2004           Destiny x Obi 2005       Destiny x Doc 2006


Destiny is a gorgeous girl with a wonderful temperament

January 2002 - 15 months

Destiny at 5 1/2 months

Destiny at 12 weeks

Destiny at 6 weeks