Destiny and Kaiser have nine beautiful babies, born January 17th, 2004.  Four will look like mom (creamy-tan sables, 2 males and 2 females) and three are white (all males) and three are black/silver/creams (all females).

Destiny, bred and owned by SureFire.  She is an OFA Good on Hips and Elbows and is PennHip certified at 60th %.

Juel's Return of Poorboy's Kaiser is of the same breeding as our male, Zorro.  He is owned by Kim Waddell of Poorboy Farms

Kaiser is PennHip certified at 90th %.

Light Blue Collar Sable Male-5 weeks



Red Collar Sable Male-5 weeks-longcoated



White Collar Sable Female-5 weeks-longcoated



No Collar Sable Female (Feet were wet!)-5 weeks-longcoated



Purple Collar Black/silver Female-5 weeks



Pink Collar Black/silver Female-5 weeks- longcoated



Orange Collar White Male-5 weeks-longcoated-RESERVED

Yellow Collar Black/Cream Female-5 weeks



Green Collar White Male-5 weeks - RESERVED


No Collar White Male-5 weeks.  RESERVED

Puppies at 4 weeks, one of their first feedings.

Sable males and black/silver female at 4 weeks


Sable Male at 4 weeks

Puppies at 4 weeks

Sable males at 4 weeks

Sable males at 4 weeks

White males at 4 weeks

Two Sable males at 4 weeks

The three white males at 4 weeks

Pups at 4 weeks

White male at 4 weeks

Pups at 1 week

Pups at 1 week

Black/silver females with Black/cream female in middle


Three White Males.


Cream Sable Females, will look like mom, one on right will be a bit darker .

Cream Sable Males


Puppies at 1 week of age, see the dorsal stripe on the sables?  The heat lamp makes them appear a little too tan, they are actually more of a cream color.


See Destiny as a puppy on her litter page - Meko x Kiev litter of 2000.

See Destiny's puppies with Zorro from 2002 and 2003. Kaiser and Zorro have the same parents but are out of different litters.  Kaiser's pups should be very similar to Zorro's when mature.