Regalwise Z'SureFire of Juel

Call name "Zorro",  a Black and Silver Bi-color.  Zorro's sire is a Champion titled White Shepherd and his Dam is a sable out of German lines. Zorro is 26 " at the whither and weighs approximately 90 lbs.  

See Zorro's Pedigree   OFA Good Hips and Elbows, DNA profiled, Pennhip certified 60th percentile

Zorro has an incredible temperament and produced wonderfully, calm, yet playful pups that are good with children and excel in obedience.  He also produced Champion offspring.

Zorro has been neutered and is now in a pet home. He is enjoying the carefree life of being the only dog in a home where he is with his new owner 24 hours a day.  He even gets to go to work with his new owner.  Zorro was a great asset to our breeding program and we kept two white Zorro sons - OBI and CAYDEN and used them in our breeding program.  We also used a Zorro granddaughter, Chevy (through Liberty), in our program and have three of her offspring in our breeding program.  Many of our current dogs, both male and female, have lines that go back to Zorro.  As you can see, he still lives on in our breeding program.

Zorro at two and a half years old with the boys on the 4 wheeler

Zorro with his best friend, Forrest - March 2002


Zorro at 18 months...

Head study of Zorro at 18 months of age


Here he is again at 10 months. Zorro's markings are a bit unusual, he was born solid black, and at 8 weeks of age he developed scattered silver markings in all places that a normal bi-color would have been born with as markings.  The "sable-like" markings have now appeared on the nape of his neck and across his chest.  The unusual markings are quite complementary to his overall appearance.


See Zorro's puppies...

Zorro x Gretta 2000

Zorro x Rascal 2001

Zorro x Meka 2001

Zorro x Meko 2001

Zorro x Meka 2002

Zorro x Destiny 2002

Zorro x Destiny 2003

Zorro x Oprah 2003

Zorro x Lilith 2004 



Zorro - March 2002