Standhaft Shepherds

Longcoated German Shepherds


  Sparkle x Sisu

June 25th, 2010


Blue boy and Black boy

Here are the puppies at 8 weeks at Ewetopia getting their Herding Evaluation

Purple Girl had the best focus on the ducks of the bunch

Her name is LYRIC and she is staying at Standhaft.


Purple Girl sees the ducks...


C'mon Lime Girl they are over here and it is actually okay to chase them


The DUCKS, not the pant legs, Lime Girl...


Lime Girl already knows what to do


Black Male sees the straggler

Black Male learning to herd the ducks

Black Male getting the idea


Puppies at 8 weeks

Red Collar Male - SOLD


Red Collar Male - SOLD


Lime Collar Girl - Sold


Lime Collar Girl - sold


Blue Collar Male - Sold


Blue Collar Male - Sold


Solid Black Male  - Sold


Solid Black Male -Sold



Solid Black Male (Available)

Two Black females (both reserved)

Here are the puppies at 4 weeks of age...

Males first...

Red Boy - Black/Cream

Red Boy - SOLD


Lt. Blue Boy - Solid Black

Lt. Blue Boy - Sold


Green Boy - Black/Cream - RESERVED

Green Boy - SOLD


Blue Boy - Black/Cream

Blue Boy - Sold

And here are the girls...

Yellow Girl - Solid Black  - SOLD

Yellow Girl - SOLD


Pink Girl - Solid Black - SOLD

Pink Girl - SOLD


Purple Girl - Black/Cream - LYRIC, staying at Standhaft

Purple Girl - Staying with us.


Lime Girl - Black/Tan

Lime Girl - Sold


Lavender Girl - Black/Cream - SOLD

Lavender Girl - SOLD