SureFire/Standhaft Shepherds

Anscots Le Meko, bred by SureFire

OFA Hips/Elbows,  24 "  80-85 lbs 1/2 German, Black/tan

See Meko's Pedigree.   

  See Meko's puppies:      Meko x Super 1998         Meko x Super 1999         Meko x Kiev 2000

Meko x Zorro 2001       Meko x Brutus 2003


Meko's parents: Gus and Cagney

Gus, 106 lb male

Lacey on left, Cagney on Right (sisters)

SIRE -  Argus von Stevenhaus, OFA, Full German lines, Blk/red LongCoat DAM -  Underwood's SureFire Cagney, OFA Good h/e, Black and Silver