SureFire/Standhaft SHEPHERDS

Brutus Minus, OFA Good

See Brutus's Pedigree   See Brutus's puppies at the links below.

We have a two gorgeous Brutus grandkids in our breeding program today.  Sparkle and Jaeger.

Beauty x Brutus, Meko x Brutus and Nala x Brutus

June 2003

Brutus has a very large, masculine head, you just don't find these older style shepherds anymore, we are pleased to have found him and delighted to have the opportunity to use him in our breeding program.

June 2003

Brutus has a nice topline and good rear angulation without the extreme slope.



July 2002

Brutus has a nice wide chest with very good bone.

July 2002

His ear set is strong and well set.


Brutus has a shiny, plush ALL-BLACK coat with no bleed through colors anywhere.

Brutus and his stick...he LOVES his sticks or anything else he can catch in mid air or fetch for you. He has an incredible ball drive and will always find what you throw for him and bring it back to you.  Retrieving is his favorite pastime.