SureFire Shepherds

Spencer's SureFire Sheba, Blk/Cr, OFA Good h/e

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Sheba is a very well balanced black/cream female who is highly intelligent and very protective of her family, the Spencers of Vancouver, WA. She was chosen as the pick of the litter, the puppy with the quickest response and longest attention span. She is out of a solid black long coated female and a white male. She therefore carries a black recessive and a white allele - she will produce white puppies if bred to a white dog, or a colored dog with a white allele. Because she carries a black recessive inherited from her dam, she has excellent black pigmentation and the contrast between her black saddle and beautiful cream/silver markings is beautiful. She has no mask, which makes her very interesting, her dark lips and dark nose being even more pronounced. She has good conformation, and a beautiful plush coat, her tail nearly touching the ground. 
Sheba's Dam - Phantess Reeka of SureFire

Black LongCoat, 85 lbs

Sheba's Sire - Ve-lins's Ace High of SureFire

White, 90 lbs


Spencer's SureFire Sheba, OFA --- Pedigree
Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents GreatGreatGrandParents
Ve-lins Ace High of Surefire, OFA

DL526114/07 White

Very intelligent, extremely responsive to training. High prey drive, very high endurance, strong, sturdy dog.

Hoofprint Eve of Velin's, OFA, DL398720/01 Hoof Print Lancer, Rx, OVC, TW690232 HoofPrint Midnight Too, OVC, NW315379
WGSDCII CH Jo-El's Tezrha, Rx, OVC, 995749
WGSDCII CH HoofPrint Charlene, Rx, OVC, SE485592 HoofPrint Pancho, Rx, OVC, PS324432
HoofPrint Mona, OVC, NW264124
V-lin's Kaiser the Role, K-9 Bomb Dog, St Louis PD, D782065 White HoofPrint Midnight Too, OVC. NW315379 HoofPrint Midnight, OVC, FU3744
HoofPrint Candy-O, OVC, MG180092
HoofPrint Heidi, OFA, TG540650 HoofPrint Pancho, Rx, OVC, PS324432
HoofPrint Mona, OVC, NW264124
Phantess Reeka of SureFire

Black LongCoat

Very protective of her family, calm and steady nerves. Excellent conformation, very willing to please.

Chism's Black Cloud of Fury


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Royal Gallant Dina Rojals Gallant Black Knight, OFA- Black
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Blk/tan LongCoat

Sel CH Landaleigh's High Tech, Blk/tan Sel CH Brentaryl's Gunner, ROM
CH Landaleigh's Eureka, OFA
Bonray's Holly of Teray, Blk/tan LongCoat V. Xargus v Elbbachtal, SchHII, AD, CD, KKla, OFA
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