Rachel's Puppies born November 21, 2002

3 sable males, 4 sable females and 1 white female

All puppies have been placed.


Regalwise Rachel V Raebark, OFA H/E

See Rachel's Pedigree


Regalwise Geronimo, OFA Good H/E

See Ronnie's Pedigree on Regalwise Shepherds Website

Rachel, a silver sable, the mother of the puppies...puppies are pictured below at 5 weeks of age on December 28th, 2002.

Red, Blue-Green and Lt. Blue


Here are the male puppies, from left to right - black collar, blue-green collar and light blue collar

Red Collar Male-Adopted

Red at 9 weeks

Red in his new home

Blue-Green Collar Male-Adopted

Green at 9 weeks


Light Blue Collar Male-Adopted

Blue at 9 weeks

"Harley" in his new home.

Black-White collar female-Adopted Living in Dallas, OR

Pink Collar Female-Adopted

Pink at 9 weeks

"Shelby" in her new home

White Collar Female-Adopted

"Mia" at 9 weeks

"Mia" in her new home

Yellow Collar Female-Adopted

Yellow at 9 weeks

"Sadie" in her new home

White Female - Adopted

"Sugar" at 10 weeks

"Sugar" and Winter winning Best Jr. Handler at their first UKC show!