Nala and Obi's last litter was born April 11, 2006 - 5 girls!

All puppies are reserved.

See Obi on his page in Finland, his new home.

Nala and Orange Collar Female - 8.0 lbs at 5 weeks

Leia is living in Michigan with Patti of Galahad Shepherds


Nala and Black Collar Female



Black Collar Female - 9.0 lbs at 5 weeks of age


Black Collar


Yellow Collar Female - 7.0 lbs at 5 weeks of age


Yellow Collar is now named Kiara and lives at SureFire



Rainbow Collar Female is 8.5 lbs at 5 weeks of age


Rainbow Collar


Green Collar girl is the largest at 9.5 lbs at 5 weeks of age

Green Collar

Kiara again