SureFire Shepherds

Meko and Super puppies Born 8-1-99

Meko, mother of Puppies

Super, Sire of Puppies

Meko with puppies at 1 week

"Say Cheese", Super !!

Meko with Black/Silver male at 2 1/2 weeks - This photo really shows the difference between black/tan and black/silver. Meko with black/silver male at 2 1/2 weeks

Black/Silver Bi-Color Male at 2 weeks, this puppy will look like "Abby".  See the same pup below - "Einstein"

These puppies will look like "Tucker", "Jagger" and "Gretta" on Meko x Super 1998 page


Monica and Two Black/Silver/Cream Females - Sheba and Meka below... 

Black/Silver Male at 2 1/2 weeks

Sheba at 7 weeks

Sheba at 1 year of age



 "Seiko", one of the black/silver males at 3 months "Seiko", again at about 1 year of age.

"Hunter", black/silver male at 9 weeks "Hunter" as a teenager

SureFire "Meka" Moose



"Einstein" at 12 weeks

"Einstein" at 12 weeks