Leo at 4 months

Leo at 1 year

Leo at 18 months


Regalwise Leonardo v. SureFire, OFA Prelim Good Hips/Elbows, CERF, Cardiac Certified

Leo is a beautiful longcoated silver sable with very good structure, a flowing gait and has a loving, "willing to please" temperament.

Leo now lives in France with Benedicte of Les Gardiens Du Pacte and had two new litters to be proud of.

We are proud to announce Leo's first litter in the USA - Nala had five beautiful white puppies March 17th, 2008.  Puppies will have great structure, be show quality and have great temperaments suitable for homes with children and other animals.

Justy was bred to Leo before he left for France, watch for updates of her possible pregnancy.