Faramir in July 2008


SureFire Shepherds


SureFire Faramir of Gondor

OFA Good Hips/Elbows (prelim)  Faramir's Pedigree

Faramir is an easy going boy who gets along well with other dogs.  He is structurally very sound, has a good strong ear set, a full coat with proper undercoat, good pigment, nice dark eyes that are well set on his broad head and he is within standard for size at approximately 25 inches at the whither and weighing about 75 lbs.  I would expect him to mature a bit more and weigh about 85 lbs when fully mature.  He is a very playful boy and loves his toys.  We are proud to have him in our breeding program.  Both his sire and dam are OFA Good hips and Elbows and both have exceptional Pennhip scores (sire 100th% and dam 90th%).  We expect great things from Faramir.  We are currently showing him in UKC shows and he has earned 50 points to date.

Faramir in July 2008


End of September 2008


Faramir and Rhonda - September 2008


Faramir is pictured here at one year of age.  This is one of our favorite pictures and shows his lovely expression.


Faramir in July 2009

Faramir at 2 years of age in full coat - August 2009


Faramir at 11 months of age - July 2008


Faramir - July 2008


Faramir almost 14 months of age


Faramir - end of September 2008


Faramir and Frankie


Faramir and Nenya


Faramir and Frankie

Faramir with Nenya and Frankie