Sure Fire Chelsey, OFA


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Sadly, Chelsey left us in 2004 at nearly 15 years of age, she passed away peacefully in her sleep.

 We will miss her greatly.


Chelsey started both SureFire Shepherds (our white line) and Standhaft Shepherds (our dark line).  She came into our lives, and changed everything. She was a gift, given to us at only 5 weeks of age and she became an integral part of our family.   It was as if she had been with us forever.  She was absolutely the smartest shepherd I have ever known. She had that uncanny way of knowing how you feel and making you feel better just by the look in her eyes. She was sensible, calm, strong, affectionate to her loved ones, protective of her people and her property.  Chelsey had a better intuition at judging the character of people than anyone I know.  If Chelsey accepted you, you were sure to be a good person, worthy of  her affection.  She was a wonderful mother to her puppies, and for many years helped to care for her Great-Great-Great, Grand Puppies. She was afraid of nothing, yet especially gentle with children which I feel was her greatest attribute.  She is what every shepherd should be and we are proud to have Chelsey in the bloodlines of the puppies we are placing in homes today.

Chelsey's last winter - 2004

Dear, old Chelsey


Chelsey in 2003

Chelsey with Forrest in 2003


Chelsey at 2 years of age in 1992


Chelsey, at 8 years of age in 1998



Chelsey at 8 years of age

Chelsey at 4 years of age in 1994