SureFire's Abby and Hunter, Black/Silvers
Abby and Hunter are owned by Jim and Shannon of Washington State, We are very proud of how Abby and Hunter are turning out, they are exactly what we had hoped for in the breeding of Anscots Le Meko and UKC Grand Champion, Intl Champion Tumbledowns Super Sonic. Abby is out of the 1998 litter and Hunter is out of the 1999 litter.  Abby and Hunter have both been very successful in Agility.  One last litter will be planned for Meko with Super before they are retired.

Hunter and Abby

Hunter at 6 1/2 months

Hunter at 7 weeks

Abby at 1 year of age

Hunter at 7 weeks


Hunter at 10 weeks

Hunter at 8 weeks


Hunter at 12 weeks and Abby at 11 months